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At Bournemoueth Rainbow we offer a range of personalised outcome based support packages for people with complex needs in the community. Our services include:

Care At Home

Bournemouth Rainbow Care At Home In Bournemouth

At Bournemouth Rainbow we offer a range of care at home services. These services include:

End of life care

Bournemouth Rainbow End of life care In Bournemouth

The aims of our End of Life care at home service include:

Learning disabilities and Complex Care:

Bournemouth Rainbow Complex Care In Bournemouth

We care about the many Adults who struggle to look after themselves properly, manage their personal care or have poor mobility. We care about those who need some daily care and help with preparing meals, shopping and housekeeping or those who may just be lonely and in need of a friendly face every so often.

We care about those who need respite care or a break from looking after their own relatives and would benefit from someone providing care for short periods of time such as weekends or sleep in.

We are aiming to support our clients/adults to fulfil their full potential in life and to provide comprehensive, personalized service to every single participant in our organisation.

We pride ourselves on anticipating our clients needs, exceeding their expectations, and being at their service whenever they need us.

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